Zadona Agri-Industrial Company
A Distinguished Name in High Quality Pickled and Canned Vegetables Produced for Local, Regional, and Global Markets.
  • Prosperity start : 2005
  • Sector : Agro-industries
  • Production capacity : 16 Tons per hour
Palestine Gardens Agricultural Company
Palestine Gardens Agricultural Company is a Sinokrot Holding company specialized in producing high quality dates and agricultural products.
  • Prosperity start : 2009
  • Sector : Agro-industries
  • Production capacity : 5 Tons per hour
Sinokrot Cold Chain Company
Sinokrot Cold Chain for Ice Cream is A Sinokrot Holding Company, it has been the official distributor of Unilever Ice Cream (Heartbrand) in Palestine.
  • Prosperity start : 1995
  • Sector : Freezers trade
  • POS : 5000
Sinokrot Global for Markets Development Company
Provides a variety of products offered through exclusive contracts with different international companies.
  • Prosperity start : 2013
  • Sector : Trade in sweets and drinks
  • POS : 5000
Sinokrot For Markets Development Company - Jerusalem
Provides a variety of products offered through exclusive contracts with different international companies for Jerusalem and Israeli Areas.
  • Prosperity start : 2012
  • Sector : Distribution of sweets and freezers
  • POS : 1500
Capital Gate Consulting Services Company
Capital Gate Services company started providing its professional administrative consulting services in 2009 through its two branches in palestine and jordan, and it gained the confidence of companies and organizations dealing with it.
  • Prosperity start : 2009
  • Sector : Consulting services
Al-Quds Holding
Providing comfortable housing solutions as well as investments in tourism with the aim of economic development in East Jerusalem
ULTIMIT is an advanced IT company that is focusing its strategy on providing clients with high quality and reliable state of the art IT solutions.
Sinokrot Law Company
Serving SMEs and large corporations in Palestine and abroad with their legal needs.
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